A Critical Analysis of Language Teaching with Multimodal and Multiliteracies

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The verbal materials consider as mainstream of communication for a long time. However, non-verbal communication starts to speak eloquently in our life. This study examines the potential of multimodal teaching methods and materials in classroom. That provides us a clue to make more useful strategy for language leaning.

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The purpose of this study is to clarify the effective approach of enhancing multiliteracies in language teaching. Previous studies of language teaching tends to focus on the verbal aspects of communication. However, more scholars are paying attention to the complexity of communication due to the globalized society. Evenmore, those tendency is accelerated by the development of digital devices. Therefore, I investigate the availability of multiliteracies in classroom referring to the notion of multiliteracies are advocated by New London group. In order to consider the availability, I suggested a task to acquire how to design with multiliteracies. The task is constitued of two parts. At first, I indicate a video that explains the meaning of words through three aspects, sound, and move, letter itself to subjects. And then subjects are asked to create a ”design” corresponding to the video they have watched. Those designs as a data shows several types for expression of meaning. Thus, the data is analyzed thorough coding with QDA software (Nvivo 10) for clarifying a factor of the variation. As a result, a framework is found that would be helpful to understand various way of meaning-making process. To be conscious with the constitution of communication through the framework provides us a clue to make more useful strategy for language leaning.

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