#OurWords - Supporting interest-based inclusive language acquisition in native and foreign languages in heterogeneous learning groups with Open Educational Resources

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The example of the project #OurWords shows the potential of OER for language teaching. The project will create a free database and app for language acquisition that is oriented towards the interests of the students and offers various access options so that students with a need for support can also benefit from it. The openness of the project enables potential cooperation partners to build on the content and the software in a sustainable way worldwide.
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The talk will demonstrate the potential of OER for inclusive language teaching. This refers on the one hand to the manifold approaches, which enable a higher clarity, from which all pupils can profit, but which are especially helpful for pupils with special educational needs or pupils with German as a second language or fugitives. A focus is placed on the participatory development of materials.

This includes the involvement of pupils and teachers in the creation in the sense of design thinking as well as the survey of the relevant topics and words on the part of the pupils. The inclusion in the development of an app as well as the graphics will be achieved through cooperation schools.

In addition, the results of a survey of pupils are explained, which tries to reflect the interests of pupils from grades 1-10 at primary and secondary schools in Germany.

On the other hand, the special sustainability of free educational materials and the potential for other languages and projects are presented. It deals with questions of licensing, accessibility of content (images, sound files and text) and source code.
University of Bremen

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